Disc Golf in New Zealand

Disc Golf in Taumarunu, New Zealand

Taumarunui, New Zealand

The Lost Tribe Disc Golf club hospitality is 'legendary'. You will never regret stopping by for a round or two in the King Country.


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Polo Crosse Grounds, Taumarunui - 18 baskets, a National Tour Course

Competition Course/The Gap Course

The Polo Crosse courses started life as more an obstacle course than golf course .. BUT ... things have changed over the years. Pete, Blair, Des and the rest of the Lost Tribe Disc Golfers have designed an ever evolving competition 18 that is now ensconced on the NZDG annual tour. This park can get a little boggy over winter,so if you plan on attending the ''Gumboot Open', held traditionally on the first weekend in July, make sure you do indeed take your gumboots!

National Park Course - a National Tour Course

Discovery Lodge Highway 47, National Park

Contact: Des Cooper at Discovery Lodge.

This -- lovely course aptly named Smokin' Mountain lies under the gaze of the 3 snow capped cones that make up Tongariro National Park, so yes in winter it can be cold. The locals have done a lot of work on this one and proudly host the 'Smokin Mountain' event around October every year. The great use made of the available wooded areas makes this course a good test of accuracy, as well as placement and distance. Not a lot of elevation but still a very testing course.

The Hill

Tanga Rd - Piriaka...[18 objects].

This course is only marked out once a year and can only be played with permission from the local farmer so you will need to contact a local first.

This is in fact The Hill mk 2 and just quietly we think there's a few golfers pleased for the change. You do need to keep your wits about you though, as the local top dressing strip is right in the middle and low flying planes can really put the geebees up you on a crucial putt! Another course you can take a bad roll on as well and note that just because the ground looks firm, it doesn't mean you won't sink up to your knees in mud!

There are a lot of Totara trees as well and they catch disc better than an ultimate player in the end zone. 

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A Disc Golf dusk at Discovery Lodge under the gaze of Mt Ruapahu

You know you'll win good at The Hill if you're a local...

Dylan doesn't miss these ones! Hole 7, Smokin' Mountain.