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discgolf.co.nz Auckland Disc Golf Champs 2018 (PDGA C Tier)

pics | resultsMonte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough, Auckland, NZ Nov 10-11 2018

Disc Golf New Zealand

We only get to play 18 baskets in this stunning park once a year so don't miss this opportunity to play this true championship course that will test all of your Disc Golfing skills. 
www.discgolf.co.nz is pleased to have the support of Auckland Disc Golf, RPM Discs and Disc Shop to bring you this NZDG Tour event.  

Weekend Format

Friday November 9

           12.00 .. Set up course.

Saturday November 10

·         09:00am .. Late Registration [if available] at the park

·         09:30am .. Players meeting

·         09:45am .. Auckland Disc Golf Championships. Round 1 [TD Draw]

·         12:15pm .. Lunch ... Pizza at the park [Tournament provided.]

·         1:00pm .... discgolf.co.nz RPM Putting clinic and Putting Competition

·         1:30pm .... Auckland Disc Golf Championships. Round 2 [Seeded]


Sunday November 11

·         09:00am .. Players meeting

·         09:15am .. Auckland Disc Golf Championships. Round 3 [Seeded]

          12:00pm .. Auckland Disc Golf Championships 'Super 6'. [Top 6 players and ties over 6 extended 'Safari holes'.]

·         1:00pm .... Trophy presentation.

           2:00pm ..  Pack down course.

Check with the Auckland crew re a place to crash but if all else fails..
Dukes Midway Lodge at 4 Vagus Place (Just off Pah Road) Royal Oak is just a 5 minute stroll to the course.
Web www.dukes.co.nz
Phone +64 9 625 4399 ; Free Phone 0508 385 375 ; Email book@dukes.co.nz 

$25 .. Can be paid into the Gentil Sport account 02 0272 0491958 000 with 'your name' as reference & 'AkChamps' as the code. or happy for you to pay on the day prior to the start of play. 
Entry includes NZDG sanctioning and insurance, PDGA 'C' tier sanctioning, Auckland City park hire, Pizza lunch on Saturday and a weekend of great Disc Golf. 
Disc Sales will be available on the day.

Please copy and paste and fill in the below and email to bob@discgolf.co.nz

Date of Birth

We are limited to 72 so get in quick to secure your slot in this great event.

Really looking forward to another great weekend of Auckland Championship Disc Golf.


The Pictures

Check out these pics from the 2017 event...

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Many thanks to disc golfer and photographer extraordinaire Rani Timoti for most of these great shots of the action at Monte Cecilia Park...

Disc Golf New Zealand
Aerial Spectator
- A colourful Rosella gets a birds-eye view of the action.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Room to Move
- With plenty of run-up space, [unknown A] visualises his approach to the basket on Hole 7.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Pathway to Knowledge - Some local dogwalkers got to find out what this "strange" sport was for the first time.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Give it back!
- Eliot Tyler discovers how easily the Monte foliage can gab hold of a disc - here on Hole 14 with it's new tee placement we saw a lot of this.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"It'll be faster. I think"
- [unknown C] and Mark Thomson challenge each other to take on the Full Monte descent on the 3-wheeler.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Native Tee
- [unknown D] Sends a solid drive away under the shadow of a huge Kauri tree, a New Zealand currently under threat from a phytophthora called Kauri Dieback which has all Kiwis concerned.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The Champs a Champ
- Jacko shows that one can focus on their game whilst showing courtesy to other players - a true champion.

Disc Golf New Zealand
"It was definately an Ace on 4!" - We don't know the conversation that ensued here but do suspect it had to do with scoring :o)

Disc Golf New Zealand
Moore than just a pretty face
- Nathan Moore showed little sign of his hiatus from competitive disc golf with an impressive 59 in his first round. Here he fires straight and true towards the basket on Hole 7.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Ready, aim shoot
- [unknown E] lines up his "chip" shot for Hole 12.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Belting one out
- Grand Master Mark Thomson was all style with this forehand effort on the fairway.

Disc Golf New Zealand
The Full Monte - The 10th is a wonderful tee shot to watch from any angle. Here Sam Hulbe-Pulver starts things off well with a forehand release into the air heading towards the basket waaaaay down the end of the huge fairway.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Winning team - Scores are not so important when you have the style and grace of this foursome, from left Sam Hulbe-Pulver, Trevor Timothy, Mark Thomson and Quentin Golder.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Mind Games
- The feud between the calm friendly Mexican Juan Unda and the devious Dutch Marty de Haas has spanned decades and we see no respite in the near future. Here the bothersome Hollander tries in vain to get into Unda's mind as he delivers yet another deadly accurate approach shot.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Cresting the Wave
- Golfing surfers Marty de Haas and Andrew Le Breton check out the action for other groups as they head to their next teee.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Leaping Lizards Batman!
- We saw all sorts of leaping putts like this action shot by Elliott Tyler on Hole 12.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Another Brotherhood Champ
- Now heading towards the top of the female ranks, Paula Wilson shows power to match her precision with her approach on Hole 7.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Leafing through
- a colourful shot of Tom McKay trying to hit the chains on the short Hole 15.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Clever Trevor
- Muriwai's Trevor Timothy shows his own Crouching Tiger version of the forearm drive on Hole 14 on this, his first ever disc golf tournament.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Please don't roll
- [unknown E] - like many - was willing his disc not to roll down the hill on the innocent looking Hole 3.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Tartan Toss
- Prepared for all condition is Senior Grand Master Douglas MacIlroy.

Disc Golf New Zealand
- No, not Al Pacino, this is Tomáš Doležel daring to consider the possibilty of a hole-in-one on the long Hole18.

Disc Golf New Zealand
How many chucks can a Canuck chuck?
- What better way to control your flight on the disc-hungry Hole 14 than chucking a kneeling forehand! That's what [unknown G] here thought as he sent his plastic fading around the first overhang to drop back into the narrow fairway - well done! See below for how this hole can turn a dream round into a nightmare...

Disc Golf New Zealand
Well balanced
- Skateboarder Damo Peters held onto 3rd place throughout the weekend with some fine well balanced play.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Green n Gold
- It may have been hif first time on The Tour but Sam Hulbe-Pulver shot some great golf to take out the Juniors title - well done!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Holding the Pose
- Almost like an art-piece in the park, Paula Wilson perfect putting style was on display yet again.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Leftie Legend
- Still growing is Toby Gentil who has been around dsic golf all his life. With a huge left arm, check him out playing the Auckland Champs 10 years ago as a 9 year old - click here!

Disc Golf New Zealand
Solid Player
- Acknowledging the warm applause of the gallery on his way to securing 3rd place in the 2017 Disc Golf Tour was Super Mario Cerniar.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Rusty Confidence
- Despite not playing much competitive golf, Marty de Haas was firing off the same old deadly putts to make a surprise showing in the Super 6-er 8.

Disc Golf New Zealand
345 Hemi
- Leading Southern player Hemi Te Awhitu looking to save a par on the uphill 9th.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Winners are Grinners
- Marty de Haas (GM), Bob Gentil (SGM), Siep van Vliet (Masters), Jackson Sullivan (Open), Paula Wilson (Womens) and in the front Sam and Tim Hulbe-Pulver (Junior).

Disc Golf New Zealand
Calm Palmer
- Relatively new golfer on the scene Brad Palmer shows great drive control as he attempts to climb up the fairway of the 6th watched on by his group.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Canine Capers - Being a park that sees lots of dog walking it was no surprise to see at least one instance of a canine capture of a disc. Fortunately this was not a Waihekian's disc so the dog owner was not yelled at - it was all taken with a good ol' chuckle.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Righto Trev - Trev sends his trusty disc as straight as he can for the ace-able 15th.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Timbuck Three - Tim Hulbe-Pulver at the tee on hole 3.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Steady Release
- Charlotte Dunkley is all focus as she powers her drive away on the 3rd.

Disc Golf New Zealand
Leftie Lurch
- Having driven his ace-drive beyond the basket, Dave Speedo Keene needed a firm accurate putt to secure a birdie on the 15th.

Results for discgolf.co.nz Auckland Disc Golf Champs 2018 (PDGA C Tier)

Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough, Auckland, NZ Nov 10-11 2018

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